Located in Saint Martin island in the Caribbean, EXOgroup including 3 companies. The first, EXOfor is specialized in the drilling of water wells in arid regions like Caribbean. They continued by drilling for brackish water and even for waters with a salinity close to the one of sea water. During its 30 years of existence EXOfor has drilled more than 1800 wells.

Later, the company Exowater was created to substitute the hydraulic and water treatment part of EXOfor.

Over the years the company diversified its activities. It is also able to offer its services in the field of auger cast piles, removal of rocks by blasting and to intervene near shore to do dredging, sheet piling or erection of docks.

They work in close collaboration but not exclusively with the other entity of the group who offers its services over the complete water cycle. It starts with the production of fresh/potable water with desalination plants, continues with the water treatment of used water and the use of groundwater for air conditionning.

Based in Saint Martin, We have operations in all the Dutch Caribbean Islands and in Trinidad and can work in any other Caribbean island.